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Quote from Philip in Just Say Yo

Nurse: I'm sorry, folks, but this patient of ours has to get his rest.
Vivian: Well, we're not gonna leave our baby alone. We're gonna be spending the night.
Philip: We are? I mean, we are, yes. Could you get us some clean linen for that bed?
Vivian: Honey, I don't think we can both fit in that bed.
Philip: Right, and a chair for my wife.


 ‘Just Say Yo’ Quotes

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Where am I? Last thing I remember, I was doing the running man to I Will Always Love You.
Will: Carlton, you're at a hospital.
Carlton: Wow, I feel terrible. I never thought losing my virginity would be this painful.
Will: Carlton, I got some bad news.
Carlton: Oh, God, I malfunctioned.
Will: No. See, you never made it past the dance floor. Those pills that you took weren't vitamins.
Carlton: What were they?
Will: Look, you gotta promise you're not gonna overreact.
Carlton: What could be worse than finding out I'm still a virgin?
Will: It was speed.
Carlton: Oh, my God. I'm a drug addict and a virgin!

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Will, pardon my tough love but this burning the candle at both ends is dumb, dumb, dumb.
Will: I know, Carlton. I just wish there was something else I could do. It's like there ain't enough hours in the day. Carlton, did you ever think about taking, you know, drugs?
Carlton: Will, you don't have to beat around the bush. I know exactly what you're getting at.
Will: You do?
Carlton: You see the volcano-sized pimple about to erupt on my forehead and you don't think vitamin E is strong enough.
Will: No, man. I mean, well, yeah, but... I mean, the kind of drugs that help you stay up.
Carlton: Up? You don't mean... [Will nods] Oh, this sex thing is even more complicated than I thought.
Will: You know what? Never mind, man.

Quote from Will

Philip: Will has something to tell you.
Will: Come on, Uncle Phil, don't make me-
Philip: Go ahead, Will.
Will: Um... The pills that Carlton took, they were from my locker.
Vivian: What?
Will: I'm sorry, Aunt Viv. I mean, I had basketball practice, and I had finals, and everything... And one of the guys at school just offered me some stuff to help me stay awake. And then Carlton... Look, all I know is that somebody real close to me that I love a whole lot could be dead right now and it would be all my fault. I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry.
Philip: Come here. Come here.
Will: I'm sorry I did it.
Philip: It's okay.