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Quote from Will in Bundle of Joy

Will: Boy, I just can't wait. I mean, I'm gonna have the perfect life with a perfect wife and perfect kids.
It's perfect.
Will: Honey, I'm home.
Shantay: Hi, dear, did you have a tough day shooting the naked centerfolds?
Will: Uh, yeah, babe, it was hell. Today we shot La Toya Jackson. And I had to keep turning the lights off 'cause she was melting.
Shantay: You poor baby. Why don't you glue yourself to the television set, completely ignore me and play Nintendo until you're too tired to make love?
Will: You mean you don't mind?
Shantay: Have I ever? I'm perfect.


 ‘Bundle of Joy’ Quotes

Quote from Will

Will: [recording] Now we are entering the kitchen. This is where we eat. [looks at Uncle Phil] Some of us more than others. And this is your mommy and she look like she eating for a couple of brothers herself.
Vivian: Will, what are you doing with that microphone?
Will: Uh, making a tape for the coming attraction. You know, I was going to knit some booties or something but you know, I had to get yarn and needles and I'd have had to learn how to knit. See, look, Uncle Phil, the concept is to aesthetically capture for posterity the sounds that are familiar to this house.
Philip: Will, I'm eating.
Will: You'll hear a lot of that.
Philip: You're grounded.
Will: Okay, that about sums up Uncle Phil.

Quote from Will

Will: Hold it there, home fry. Say a little something to spud.
Carlton: Hey, little bro, piece of advice: Don't lend Will a penny even if he begs, and he will.
Will: That's your brother Carlton. You'll recognize him, he'll be the one at eye-level.

Quote from Will

Will: Man, I can't wait to start my own family. Yo, I want to have a whole bunch of kids, like six and I'm going to have them one right after another.
Carlton: Will, we're talking about kids, not malt liquor.
Will: Carlton, why don't you shut up before we send you back to that White family that dropped you off on the doorstep?