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Quote from Geoffrey in Banks Shot

Hilary: Excuse me, Mother, but I am very, very offended.
Vivian: What is it this time, Hilary? I've started recycling.
Hilary: That's not it. I mean, instead of making Geoffrey work on the weekend you should leave the running of this household to me. I mean, I am 21 years old. [drops magazine]
Vivian: I'm sorry, baby. I didn't think you'd want to run the household.
Hilary: Well, I've got to learn sometime. After all, in a couple of years, I'm going to have my own family and my own butler.
Geoffrey: I hope it's no one I know.


 ‘Banks Shot’ Quotes

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Hello. Rice Krispie Treats?
Carlton: What are you doing?
Hilary: Mom left me in charge, so I have to be responsible for all the children.
Carlton: We were in the middle of something.
Hilary: Come on, kids, let's have a little talk. [sits between Carlton & Michelle] Carlton, Michelle. I can remember what it was like to be your age. Your bodies are going through a lot of changes now and you're probably having a lot of feelings that you've never had before. But even though there's a lot of pressure from your peers, remember, you don't have to pet to be popular.
Michelle: Let's go to the mall.
Hilary: And who exactly is going to be at this mall?

Quote from Will

Will: How y'all doing? Hey, I just got my hair cut. Kind of fly, huh?
Philip: I don't understand why you get your hair cut like that.
Will: Come on, Uncle Phil, all the brothers in Philly play their hair like this. Hair on top, none on the sides. But, I guess y'all got kind of a reverse thing going on here.

 Geoffrey Butler Quotes

Quote from Hex and the Single Guy

Geoffrey: Can I help you?
INS Agent: Are you Geoffrey Butler?
Geoffrey: Yes, I am. And you must be the woman of my dreams. [she handcuffs Geoffrey] You are! Ooh.

Quote from Def Poet's Society

Will: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Raphael de la Ghetto.
[Geoffrey walks down the stairs wearing a dashiki, a giant afro and a pair of glasses with the sun-lenses popped out]
Geoffrey: "Listen To the street beat Hear the sound pound Plug your ears Mask your fears Something weird's going down So listen to the street beat Listen to the box shock Listen, or I'll kill you" [applause]
Ned: That was heavy, man. Let's have another one. Encore. [all] Encore.
Geoffrey: "Cannon to the right of them Cannon to the left of them Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered"
Toni: Hilary, isn't that your butler?
Hilary: Yeah. Wow, it's a good look for him.
Geoffrey: "Came through the jaws of Death" [chatter] Silence, you ungrateful children. When you're ready to be quiet and listen, I shall return.