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Quote from Will in Not, I Barbecue

Will: Oh, let me tell you now, that there was some good grub. That girl can cook.
Tiffany: What about you, Carlton? Did you enjoy your dinner?
Carlton: It was fine.
Sandra: You don't talk much, do you?
Will: Uhh, as a child, he was dropped on his tongue.


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Quote from Nicky

Nicky: What you doing, Carlton?
Carlton: Oh, packing away my CDs. Will and I made a bet. For one week, I'm not allowed to listen to Tom Jones and he's not allowed to listen to that god-awful Biggie Smalls. We have $50 riding on it and I'm gonna win.
Nicky: Who's Tom Jones?
Carlton: Nicky, Nicky. Tom Jones is the King of Swing. The Tower of Power. Mr. Vegas. This guy's a legend. [sighs]
Nicky: Can I hear one of his songs?
Carlton: Oh, I'd love to, but no can do.
Nicky: Please?
Carlton: Well, I guess one song wouldn't hurt. [Carlton dances as "It's Not Unusual" plays]
Will: Just couldn't hang on there could you, little fella?
Carlton: Darn.
Will: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. [Carlton leaves] Here's something for your trouble, little brother. Thanks a lot.
Nicky: Five bucks? What do I look like? Come on, man. You got to break me off some.

Quote from Geoffrey

Hilary: Oh, good, Geoffrey, you're here.
Geoffrey: No.
Hilary: When did I ever ask you for anything?
Geoffrey: You never stopped asking from the moment I started here.
Hilary: That's not true.
Geoffrey: In fact, as I remember I spent my first seven hours of service here installing wall-to-wall carpet for Barbie's Dream House. Carpet which had to be promptly removed.
Hilary: [scoffs] Well, it's not my fault that when Ken got home, he didn't like it.
Geoffrey: And it wasn't my fault the dollhouse burnt to the ground.
Hilary: Geoffrey, Skipper died in that fire. I don't even wanna think about it. Look, I need you to hem this dress.

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Quote from Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse

Will: Hey, you know what, you ain't got to do nothing, Uncle Phil. You know, it ain't like I'm still 5 years old, you know. It ain't like I'm going to be sitting up every night asking my mom: "When's Daddy coming home?" You know, who needs him? He wasn't there to teach me how to shoot my first basket, but I learned, didn't I? And I got pretty good at it too, didn't I, Uncle Phil?
Philip: Yeah, you did.
Will: Got through my first date without him, right? I learned how to drive. I learned how to shave. I learned how to fight without him. I had 14 great birthdays without him. He never even sent me a damn card. To hell with him! I didn't need him then and I don't need him now.
Philip: Will-
Will: No, you know what, Uncle Phil? I'm gonna get through college without him. I'm gonna get a great job without him. I'm going to marry me a beautiful honey, and I'm gonna have me a whole bunch of kids and I'm gonna be a better father than he ever was. And I sure as hell don't need him for that, because there ain't a damn thing he could ever teach me about how to love my kids. How come he don't want me, man?

Quote from I, Done (Part 2)

Carlton: So, Will, you haven't told me about your new place.
Will: Oh. Yeah, yeah. Uh, you know, I'm moving in soon. You know, right now they putting a Jacuzzi in and they getting the mirrors on the roof.
Carlton: So what, it's kind of a fixer-upper?
Will: Oh, no, no. No, not at all, man. Yo, this place is huge. I mean, we got floor-to-ceiling walls and wall-to-wall floors. Man, yo, it's the bomb.