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Quote from Philip in Soul Train

[on tape:]
Don Cornelius: Welcome back. Now we're gonna play the Soul Train Scramble game. Let's meet today's couple. You are?
Vivian: Vivian Smith, Scorpio.
Philip: Oh, Philip Banks. Solid.
Don Cornelius: All right, you know the rules. If you can unscramble our mystery artist you win a lifetime supply of Afro Sheen. Okay? Ready? Go. [funk music plays]
[Philip writes out "Vivian, I love you and I always will. Marry me"]
Don Cornelius: I'm sorry, Phil, but that's wrong. The answer is James Brown.
Philip: No, my man, it's not wrong. See, foxy mama ever since I met you, I knew that the deal we had was righteous. And I know out of all the cats out there, I'm not the downest. It's just that... I want our gigs to groove together forever. Do you dig it?
Vivian: You're my main man.
Don Cornelius: Now, that's true love. Let's send them on their way with Marvin and Tammi and "You're All I Need."


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Quote from Hilary

Hilary: I can't stand this. Everyone has a date except me.
Will: What's the problem, Hil? I mean, come on. You're pretty, you're fun, you're intelli- Vision.
Hilary: Well, that's exactly the problem. I'm a celebrity and men are intimidated by me. I'm a beautiful woman trapped in an even more beautiful woman's body.

Quote from Philip

Will: Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man, let me have it. What's the problem?
Philip: Will, do you know what I'd do if I even thought for one second that you were anywhere near my problem?
Will: No, what?
Philip: I'd build a fence to keep you away. One with barbed wire and maybe a sniper up on the roof to pick you off just in case you got over the fence. And given the slightest chance that he'd miss, there'd be two rottweilers guarding my problem.
Will: You don't want my help, do you? I'll go.

Quote from Carlton

Hilary: Any big plans tonight, Carlton?
Carlton: I have a date.
Hilary: With whom?
Carlton: Same lady I see every Saturday night. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.