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Quote from Hilary in Be My Baby Tonight

Will: It's Ashley. Now, look, you can't tell Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. But she asked me to tell her about sex. I don't know what to tell her. I mean, she should hear it from somebody more experienced. [Will & Carlton look at Hilary]
Hilary: Well, pardon me for being attractive. Look, I'm the wrong person. I mean, I tried to tell Carlton about sex. And, well, you know the rest.
Will: Look, well, somebody has to tell her. I mean, she won't do anything stupid if she has some good solid facts.
Carlton: Wrong, my hot-blooded cousin. If you tell her about sex, she's just gonna run out and do it.
Hilary: Oh, that's ridiculous, Carlton. We wanna expose her to a realistic portrayal of relationships. I know. We'll rent Pretty Woman.


 ‘Be My Baby Tonight’ Quotes

Quote from Philip

Philip: Ashley, sweetheart. Now, before Kevin comes over I think I should have a little talk with you about boys.
Ashley: Great, Daddy.
Philip: They're all dogs, got it? Have a good time, sweetheart.

Quote from Will

Philip: Will!
Will: Hey, check it out. Black folks playing tennis. I wonder if there's a White guy somewhere tap-dancing.

 Hilary Banks Quotes

Quote from Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2)

Vivian: Look, there he goes.
Trevor: [on TV] Hilary Banks...
Hilary: Yes, Trevor?
Trevor: [on TV] Will you marry me? [thud]
[As the TV picture turns to static, the family are stunned into silence]
Will: I ain't no bungee expert or nothing... But I don't think he's supposed to be slamming into the ground like that.
[A title card appears on the TV]
Hilary: "Please stand by"? Great. The president's about to interrupt my marriage proposal.

Quote from Lucky Charm

Hilary: Well, here goes. Don't you all feel like a part of history? [opens paycheck] What? Federal taxes? This is an outrage. Didn't President Bush say, "No new taxes"?
Geoffrey: But federal taxes aren't new.
Hilary: Well, they are to me. And who is this FICA guy?
Vivian: Hilary, baby, taxes are taken out of everybody's salary. They pay for highways, national defense, and housing programs.
Hilary: I thought the government was supposed to pay for all that.