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Quote from Aunt Helen in The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

Aunt Helen: Vivian, last night I followed Lester. He drove over to this cute little house with this cute little picket fence and this cute little homewrecker opened the door.
Vivian: I would have been reaching for my cute little crowbar.
Aunt Helen: I couldn't find it. Anyway, she let him in and he stayed.
Vivian: For how long?
Aunt Helen: Let's just say I got tired of waiting.


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Quote from Aunt Helen

Vivian: Honey, you know, all married couples go through rough times. But maybe if you just talk to Lester-
Aunt Helen: Talk to him? Girl, I wouldn't give Lester air if he was in a jug.
Vivian: Well, sweetheart, I don't mean to pry and you don't have to give me all the gory details, but-
Aunt Helen: Vivian, I told you. There is another woman in his life, and I don't mean his ugly mama.
Vivian: But Lester is crazy about you.
Aunt Helen: Was. Now he's just crazy. You know how some men are animals in bed?
Vivian: Yes.
Aunt Helen: Well, I don't.

Quote from Aunt Helen

Vivian: Wait! I forgot my purse. Has anybody seen my old brown bag?
Aunt Helen: Excuse me. You used to call me Diva.

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Quote from Mommy Nearest

Janice: Well, Vy, tell me, what's the real deal between you and Robert?
Vy: I wasn't in love with him.
Aunt Helen: Girl, are you crazy? That man had a business, a car and money. Now, what's love got to do with it?

Quote from Mommy Nearest

Janice: Frank, honey, I think it's time to change Frank, Jr.
Frank: Okay, babe. You know what, you look a little tired. Why don't you come and lay down and I'll rub your feet for a little while.
Janice: Thanks, baby.
Aunt Helen: That does it, I'm getting me a White man. [Vivian & Vy laugh]
Vy: Girl, stop it.
Aunt Helen: No, just to help around the house a little bit. Now, come on, you know you all were thinking it.