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Dr. Baylor: Will Smith?
Will: Yeah.
Dr. Baylor: I'll be performing your surgery.
Will: Whoa. No, you won't, man. I want my regular doctor. When can I see Dr. Bennett?
Dr. Baylor: In five-to-10 years. Oh, come on, relax. I'm Dr. Baylor and I'm eminently qualified to perform this operation. Where are my glasses? Oh, hell. Nurse, did they close up Miss Henderson yet? Never mind. Never mind. But check my locker for my beeper, will you? All right, Mr. Smith, open your mouth.
Will: Yo, my man, your beeper ain't in here.
Dr. Baylor: Oh, come on, let me look at those tonsils. Well, so much for golf tomorrow.
Will: Hey, Doc, y'all just gonna take the tonsils, right?
Dr. Baylor: Hey, I got big plans for everything else.
Will: Trust me. You're in the hands of a capable doctor. [goes into the bathroom] I've got to find those glasses.
Will: God please don't let me leave here with breasts.


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Nurse Bonnie: Doctor, the patient in 214 is not responding to the medication. What should I do?
Will: Um... Well, Nurse, I'd run a KGB and an NAACP. If he still doesn't respond give him an upper Gl Joe.
Nurse Bonnie: I've got to get my real estate license.
Will: [over the PA] Oh. 1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12. Uh, they got some free ice cream and cake in the cafeteria.

Quote from Will

Vivian: Hello. I'm Vivian Banks. I believe my nephew, Will Smith has been assigned to this room.
Nurse Petty: Smith? Oh, yes. Tonsillectomy, tomorrow morning. All righty. And where is our brave little soldier?
Will: I keep telling you, I ain't sick. I'm not sick.
Vivian: Sweetheart, now you know what Dr. Bennett said. Those tonsils have just got to come out. Now there's no reason to be afraid.
Will: Oh, who are you kidding? Why do you think they wear masks? So they can't be identified. And why do you think they knock you out? So you don't see them drinking margaritas over your open stomach.

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Sorry I'm late. I had to stop by the gift shop.
Will: Hey, thanks a lot, Hil, that's real nice.
Hilary: Well, sometimes a girl just has to treat herself.