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Quote from Carlton in Will's Christmas Show

Carlton: Will, I was really scared tonight.
Will: Yeah, Carlton, you're scared of zipper-fly jeans.
Carlton: Come on. I mean, weren't you scared, just a little bit?
Will: What, are you tripping, man? Scared? I was petrified, man. If Ashley hadn't slapped me, man, I might have screamed.
Carlton: I'll tell you one thing: What happened tonight made me realize how precious life is. And I promised myself that I would always make sure I let my family know how much I love them. So I just want to say I love you, Will. [Will is silent] Aren't you gonna say it back? [Will snores] I know how you feel, even if you won't say it. [sings] The road is long With many a winding turn that leads us to...
Ashley: If there is an ounce of decency left in you just tell him you love him.
Carlton: It's okay, Ash. [sings] Because we are family Hey hey hey yeah I got all my sisters--
Will: I love you, man. All right? I love you! I love you!
Carlton: I love you, too.


 ‘Will's Christmas Show’ Quotes

Quote from Will

Carlton: Will, is that all you're taking for the entire Christmas vacation?
Will: No, man. These just my hair products.
Carlton: What about your ski clothes?
Will: Carlton, skiing is for White guys named Sven and O.J. Simpson.
Carlton: Will, you deprived product of the ghetto, skiing is an extremely exhilarating sport.
Will: What is exhilarating about strapping two sticks on your feet flying down a hill at 90 miles an hour and slamming into a tree? This is L.A., man, if I want to get my head cracked I can star in the next Rodney King video.

Quote from Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen: Look, all I know is Lester and I have been saving up for this trip all year. We are not sleeping on the floor.
Lester: Baby, we're on vacation. Wherever we lie down, we aren't gonna be sleeping.
Aunt Helen: Lester, how many times I gotta tell you to cut down on that vitamin E? I am not a machine.
Lester: Well, I am. You gonna let me rock your world?
Vy: Get a grip on yourself, Lester.
Aunt Helen: Don't encourage him.

Quote from Vy

Geoffrey: The real estate agent assured Mr. Banks that this cabin sleeps 15 people.
Vy: Well, there are 13 of us and only four beds. Now, I don't know how you do things in England but this family ain't that close.