Jazz Quote #18

Quote from Jazz in It Had to Be You

Philip: Well, Jazz, I'm going to go into the kitchen for a snack. When I come back, I want you gone.
Jazz: Guess I got plenty of time then.


 ‘It Had to Be You’ Quotes

Quote from Philip

Geoffrey: I must say Mr. Jazz's sister is quite a charmer.
Philip: Yes, she is. Makes me question the whole theory of genetics.

Quote from Will

Janet: Gia? I'd like the swordfish and a salad. No dressing.
Gia: And what about you, Will?
Will: I'll have the- [Janet elbows Will as he looks up at Gia] I'll have the steak. Rare.
Janet: Steak is really unhealthy.
Gia: Do you need another minute?
Janet: No, no, no. He'll have the same thing I'm having. Plus a baked potato. No butter, no sour cream. Thank you.
Gia: Got it.
Will: [stammers] I like sour cream.
Janet: You used to. From now on, you need to watch that cholesterol. I'm not having my husband dying of a heart attack at 40 and leaving me to raise six kids by myself.
Will: Six kids?
Janet: That's right, baby. Three girls, three boys. And don't even think about naming one of them William.

Quote from Carlton

Janet: I need more ice.
Carlton: You need more ice, what?
Janet: I need more ice in my warm soda.
Carlton: You need more ice, please.
Janet: What did you say to me?
Gia: He said, "You need more ice, please."
Jazz: Heads up.
Carlton: Will, I'm sorry. I've got to say something. Janet, your behavior this evening has been completely unacceptable.
Will: Carlton.
Carlton: Where I come from, manners count for a lot. I'm sorry I've got to say this but I simply can't sit back and allow this rudeness to continue. You owe every one of us an apology, especially that poor waitress. And if you refuse, we're taking you home and continuing the evening without you. Do I make myself clear?
Will: [to Jazz] You know, I'm going to miss him.
Carlton: Do I make myself clear?
Janet: [instrumental music plays] Yes, Carlton.