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Quote from Hare Today...

Nicky: Daddy, you know how you told me that Harry's black now because rabbits change colors for Easter? Isn't there a little more to that story?
Philip: Well, yes. Uh Nicky, you remember in The Lion King when Mufasa...?
Nicky: Daddy, did you sit on Harry?
Philip: Yes. But- But-
Nicky: That's okay, Dad. Death is a natural part of life. But what a way to go.


Quote from Not, I Barbecue

Nicky: What you doing, Carlton?
Carlton: Oh, packing away my CDs. Will and I made a bet. For one week, I'm not allowed to listen to Tom Jones and he's not allowed to listen to that god-awful Biggie Smalls. We have $50 riding on it and I'm gonna win.
Nicky: Who's Tom Jones?
Carlton: Nicky, Nicky. Tom Jones is the King of Swing. The Tower of Power. Mr. Vegas. This guy's a legend. [sighs]
Nicky: Can I hear one of his songs?
Carlton: Oh, I'd love to, but no can do.
Nicky: Please?
Carlton: Well, I guess one song wouldn't hurt. [Carlton dances as "It's Not Unusual" plays]
Will: Just couldn't hang on there could you, little fella?
Carlton: Darn.
Will: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. [Carlton leaves] Here's something for your trouble, little brother. Thanks a lot.
Nicky: Five bucks? What do I look like? Come on, man. You got to break me off some.

Quote from 'Twas the Night Before Christening

[Christmas 1998:]
Philip: Because it was such a special honor to have them sing at your christening we took all four of their names, and we christened you: Nicholas Michael Shawn Nathan Wanya Banks.
Nicky: That's a good story, Daddy. Can I see my godfather now?
Philip: Of course you can. Geoffrey!
Geoffrey: You rang, sir?
Philip: Nicky wanted to see you.
Geoffrey: Oh, yes.
Nicky: I love you, godfather.
Geoffrey: I love you too, godson.
Nicky: Now, get me some hot chocolate.

Quote from Reality Bites

Carlton: Mom, presenting the all new and improved Nicholas Banks.
Vivian: Look at you.
Carlton: Nicky and I are gonna be spending more time together, especially since he's... M-A-D at W-I-L-L.
Vivian: How do you like your new clothes, baby?
Nicky: Mommy, I H-A-T-E them.
Carlton: From now on, it's you and me, Nicky. The fabulous Banks boys.
Nicky: Great.

Quote from Grumpy Young Men

Nicky: Hey, Will, wanna play catch?
Will: Uh, I'm sorry, Nicky. Not now, man. I'm not in the mood.
Nicky: Carlton won't play with me, either. What's going on?
Will: Well, we're kind of having problems.
Nicky: Maybe you should talk to somebody.
Will: You're right. Look, Nicky, it's like this, man. We always make...
Nicky: Not me. I'm just a kid.

Quote from Grumpy Young Men

Hilary: Okay, Ashley. You ready?
Nicky: What are you doing?
Hilary: Driving lessons.
Nicky: Lesson number one: Use a car.

Quote from For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

Will: Hey, Nick, you got a second, man? This wedding stuff is really stressing me out.
Nicky: Tell me about it. I've got to balance a ring on a stupid pillow.
Will: Hey, you wanna talk about it?
Nicky: No.

Quote from The Script Formerly Known As...

Will: Hey, Uncle Phil, about that juror you just-
Philip: I'm sorry, Will, but I can't talk about it.
Hilary: But Daddy, the juror-
Philip: How many times do I have to tell you kids that I just can't talk about it? Ugh!
Will: Hey, Nicky, you will never guess who we got-
Nicky: How many times do I have to tell you kids? I just can't talk about it. Ugh!

Quote from Viva Lost Wages

Will: So this is what you wanna do, huh? You think you want some of me, huh? Let's go.
Nicky: Blackjack.
Will: Man, that's three in a row. I should be taking you to Vegas with me instead of Carlton.
Nicky: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Pay the man.

Quote from There's the Rub (Part 1)

Nicky: Mommy, Daddy's fallen and he can't get up.

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