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I, Done (Part 1)

‘I, Done (Part 1)’

Season 6, Episode 23 -  Aired May 20, 1996

Will feels left behind as Hilary and Ashley prepare to move to New York, Carlton gets ready to leave for Princeton, and Geoffrey announces he's moving back to London.

Quote from Philip

Philip: But 50's gonna be a great year. Not only for me, but for all of us. I got a son heading off to Princeton. Two daughters starting exciting lives in New York. Another son starting kindergarten. And a nephew that's, uh... That's, uh... Hey, buddy, you're gonna love kindergarten.


Quote from Ashley

Geoffrey: Champagne.
Ashley: Oh. Great, I love champagne. [off Vivian's look] I mean, I love the look of it. The color and the bubbles.

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Oh, Geoffrey, I'm gonna miss you. Oh, we have to have a special going-away dinner for you. What do you wanna make?

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Ah, I'm gonna miss this time we've spend together. Me working hard, focusing on my career and you sitting around in the house all day in your robe playing Nintendo. You always make me feel so... so superior. Kind of like the story of the grasshopper and the ant. The ant worked all summer long storing up food while the grasshopper just frittered away his time. Well, grasshopper, the winter has come and you've just been frittering. Frittering. Frittering. Frittering.
Will: See, now, that's where you're wrong. See, the grasshopper hasn't been frittering. Unlike the ant, the grasshopper had a life and friends. And once in a while, a couple of little ladybugs would come over to spend some time with the grasshopper. And even on one weekend... You know the ladybug from the bookstore, the one the ant has the crush on? She even came over to spend some time with that fine grasshopper. The weekend he was away at Princeton.
Carlton: Well, what was she doing here?
Will: Ah, frittering. Mm. She fritters so good.
Carlton: Ha-ha-ha. That's funny. You know, you're the funniest guy in the pool house. And soon enough, you're gonna be the only guy in the pool house. I mean, with the rest of us striking out on our own the only question is, who's gonna move out first, you or Nicky? Ha, ha. Better hope he doesn't go to boarding school.

Quote from Will

Carlton: You know, Will, with Geoffrey leaving, there's a job opening here in the house.
Will: Yeah, I guess I could start by washing your pants in a thimble.

Quote from Carlton

Philip: You know, this is one of the last times that we'll all be sitting together around this table for a while. We should cherish these few moments we have as a family. I'm really gonna miss you guys.
Carlton: Oh, not to worry, Big Guy. Will's gonna be sitting around this table for years to come.
Ashley: Carlton, leave Will alone. He can stay in the pool house for as long as he wants. Right, Daddy?
Philip: Well...
Carlton: It's either that or the Homeboy Homeless Shelter.

Quote from Will

Will: Oh, it's you.
Geoffrey: Circling apartments, eh? Looks like you've painted yourself into a corner this time, Master William.
Will: Well, don't you worry about me, G. I'm one of the best corner-getter-outers that there is. You'll see. But I'm saying, you know, I mean, you do got my back, right?
Geoffrey: Within a week, I shall be at 30,000 feet headed to London with many tiny bottles of Jim Beam dancing in front of me. But until then your back is mine.
Will: Thanks a lot, G.

Quote from Hilary

Philip: Well, your mother and I have decided since all of you are moving out that, well, we all need to be clear on a few things.
Vivian: We expect you to behave yourselves just as you do at home. The same rules apply.
Ashley: Well, then what's the point of moving? Can I have that one back?
Hilary: I don't know that these rules apply, I'm 25.
Philip: Hilary, you're 27.
Hilary: That doesn't leave this room.

Quote from Carlton

Philip: Carlton, I'm gonna need you to look in on your sisters on the weekend.
Carlton: Oh, great. Now I can kiss Glee Club goodbye.
Ashley: Okay, are we done?
Philip: I'd like to go over the schedule. We're gonna get together on all major holidays. Thanksgiving-
Hilary: Oh, no, Dad. November's sweeps month. No can do.
Philip: Well, we're gonna get together for Christmas.
Ashley: Well, what if I meet somebody and they invite me to their house for Christmas?
Carlton: Well, what if I meet somebody? [off everyone's looks] Well, what if she meets somebody?

Quote from Nicky

Nicky: Geoffrey, I'm gonna need some things taken care of in the pool house before I move in.
Geoffrey: Master Nicky, I do sympathize with your plight but I leave in a matter of days.
Nicky: That's plenty of time to paint. Chop-chop. [Geoffrey laughs]

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