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Hare Today...

‘Hare Today...’

Season 6, Episode 18 -  Aired April 8, 1996

When Vivian volunteers at the church working closely with the reverend (Richard Roundtree), he makes a pass at her. Meanwhile, Will gets Nicky a pet rabbit for Easter.

Quote from Nicky

Nicky: Daddy, you know how you told me that Harry's black now because rabbits change colors for Easter? Isn't there a little more to that story?
Philip: Well, yes. Uh Nicky, you remember in The Lion King when Mufasa...?
Nicky: Daddy, did you sit on Harry?
Philip: Yes. But- But-
Nicky: That's okay, Dad. Death is a natural part of life. But what a way to go.


Quote from Will

Will: Look, um, I saw what happened down at the church.
Vivian: Will, I don't know what to do. I don't know whether to tell Philip or not. If I tell him, he's gonna be furious. This whole thing doesn't make any sense.
Will: Makes sense to me. Look like the Rev's trying to get his hallelujah on.
Vivian: Honey, he's an old friend of the family's, and he's close with your uncle. My God, why did he have to do this?
Will: [screams as Uncle Phil walks in] Hey! Whoo-hoo! Uncle Phil, what's going on, man? Oh, man, what's going on, boy? Shoot. Hey. You know, I was asking you what's going on because there ain't nothing going on in here. There's nothing going... I wanted to know with you. Did you have something going on? Because we don't have any.
Philip: Oh Vivian, could you have Geoffrey put out an extra plate tonight? I've invited Reverend Sims for dinner.
Will: You can't. Uh... Ain't enough chicken. I mean, there's too much chicken. You know what they say about ministers. You know, they will eat and eat and eat until they die. Yeah. They're like goldfish.
Philip: You are a very odd young man.

Quote from Will

Philip: Oh, Will, something terrible has happened.
Will: I know.
Philip: I didn't mean to kill him.
Will: What? What? Uncle Phil, you killed him? Oh, my God. Does anybody know?
Philip: Well, Hilary may suspect. She came in right after it happened. I mean, it was an accident.
Will: Okay, good. Good. You said that like you really believed it.
Philip: It was an accident, Will.
Will: Hey, hey, man, I'm not the one you gotta convince.
Philip: Nicky is gonna be very upset.
Will: What? I think Nicky is the least of your worries. Okay. All right. All right. Uncle Phil, you go upstairs, pack a bag. I'm gonna get the car. We gonna shoot down to Tijuana. We gonna chill in Mexico, this whole thing blows over.
Philip: Will, they don't arrest you for sitting on a rabbit.

Quote from Will

Carlton: [sings] Tell old pharaoh Let my people go
Will: [sings] Tell old pharaoh Let my cousin grow

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: [to Nicky] You know, there are certain responsibilities that go along with having a pet, son. You have to feed him, wash him, clean up his mess.
Geoffrey: Just don't expect a thank you.

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: Oh, look at the little lumpy bumpy bunny wunny. Ah, this little guy brings back memories. He reminds me of my rabbit, Snowball.
Will: What? You had a rabbit?
Carlton: Oh, yeah. I'll never forget how upset I was the day Snowball disappeared. But I was okay once Dad explained Snowball's mommy and daddy had to take her back to their hutch because they were so lonely without her.
Hilary: I remember. That was the Easter Grandma Hattie came over and made that secret stew. What was that?
Philip: I don't know. I don't remember.
Hilary: Of course, you do. It tasted like chicken but it wasn't.
Philip: Hilary.
Carlton: Oh, my God. I remember that stew. It was delicious. Geoffrey, you gotta make that stew.
Geoffrey: Don't tempt me.

Quote from Will

Reverend Sims: So, Will, I haven't seen you at the church lately.
Will: Oh, I be in the back.

Quote from Will

Reverend Sims: Well, bringing the families back to Church is always a priority of mine. And since Margaret passed, it really helps to fill the void.
Vivian: Maybe you could help me with Will.
Reverend Sims: Yes, Will, sure would be nice to see you down at the church.
Will: Oh. Yeah, Rev, you know, Sunday's kind of a bad day for me, you know what with Saturday usually being a late-night night you know what I'm talking about? But I tell you what, y'all get something kicked off on a Tuesday, I'm there.

Quote from Will

Reverend Sims: Will, as a matter of fact, your aunt is coming by to finish up work on the fundraiser for the new youth center tomorrow. So why don't you come on by and help decorate the church for Easter?
Will: Shoo. Tomorrow, gosh. Man. You know, any other day but tomorrow I could've done it, you know. Even yesterday. Even yesterday. But... pbbt.
Reverend Sims: Well, that's really too bad. You know, the ladies would love having a strong young man around there to help them out.
Will: Ladies? Ladies. Oh, there's gonna be some honeys up in there?
Reverend Sims: Oh, I can guarantee at least a couple honeys.
Will: Heh. I'll see you tomorrow. Come on down there and I get myself a little sticky, you know what I'm talking You know. You know what I'm saying. You know... because honey is sticky. You know.

Quote from Will

Nicky: I love Harry. I'm gonna keep him forever.
Will: Yeah, unless Grandma Hattie pulls another Fatal Attraction.
Nicky: I'm gonna keep him happy and healthy.
Will: Well, if that's the case, man, you gotta work him out. I mean, even rabbits need exercise. You gotta teach him, like, some aerabbits. Rock, rock the rabbit, rock Don't stop

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