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Quote from Carlton in It Had to Be You

Janet: I need more ice.
Carlton: You need more ice, what?
Janet: I need more ice in my warm soda.
Carlton: You need more ice, please.
Janet: What did you say to me?
Gia: He said, "You need more ice, please."
Jazz: Heads up.
Carlton: Will, I'm sorry. I've got to say something. Janet, your behavior this evening has been completely unacceptable.
Will: Carlton.
Carlton: Where I come from, manners count for a lot. I'm sorry I've got to say this but I simply can't sit back and allow this rudeness to continue. You owe every one of us an apology, especially that poor waitress. And if you refuse, we're taking you home and continuing the evening without you. Do I make myself clear?
Will: [to Jazz] You know, I'm going to miss him.
Carlton: Do I make myself clear?
Janet: [instrumental music plays] Yes, Carlton.

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