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Quote from Vy in The Philadelphia Story

Vy: Good, but don't bother unpacking now, because we got to get to the ballpark. Teddy Pendergrass is singing the national anthem.
Will: Oh, yeah, Phillies in the house!
Philip: You know, Vy, we're all a little jet-lagged.
Vy: Oh. Well, I know Will wants to go.
Will: Yeah, take the sub right to Broad and Patterson.
Vy: You know it.
Will: Hey, I'll tell you what. I'll race you to the station. Loser's got to pay the fare.
Vy: You're on. But wait a minute. Tie your shoes first. [Vy runs as Will sits down to tie his laces]
Will: You're cheating. You're cheating. My mama cheating. Come here!

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