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Quote from Hilary in All Guts, No Glory

Philip: Hilary. Sweetheart. How you feeling?
Hilary: I'm feeling much better, thanks. [sobs]
Philip: Now, now, baby, tell you what. Why don't you put on some clothes and hop in the car, and drive over to Neiman's and do a little shopping.
Hilary: Oh, thanks, Daddy, but I'm not ready to go out just yet.
Philip: Oh. And you don't have to. Here. I'll even look the number up for you.
Hilary: [dials] Hello, Neiman's? Listen, I want to order that adorable Donna Karan pantsuit in your catalog. Item DK35712. Yeah, and on page 14, there's this fabulous leather bag and... Oh, that would be cute.

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