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Quote from Will in Someday Your Prince Will be In Effect (Part 1)

Will: So, what's that, Carlton? You do not have a date for tonight.
Carlton: Like you do? Who are you taking, Page 42?
Will: Carlton, all I have to do is walk in a mall, and I get any girl I want. It's the law of nature. It's called the survival of the handsomest.
Carlton: Will, I don't even have to step into the mall. Girls surround me in the parking lot and rip the doors off my car.
Will: Would you like to put your money where your mouth is?
Carlton: Ah, a betting man.
Will: I bet you that I get a date and you don't.
Carlton: This is a sucker bet, Will. Within an hour, I'll have a gorgeous date and a great Halloween costume.
Will: You better buy the mask first.

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