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Quote from Philip in Clubba Hubba

Carlton: Observe, Will, this is how a perfect gentleman talks to a young lady. "Say there, Mimi, might I say that you rate a perfect 10 on my niftiness meter?"
Will: I don't think so. So, Uncle Phil, how did you used to crack on the girlies?
Philip: [laughs] What I'm about to tell you is going to change your life forever. Are you listening?
Will: Yeah.
Philip: First, I take her hand then I stroke it gently but imperceptibly, look deep into her eyes, blow gently in her ear, let my mouth curl up into a smile, make a low, rumbling, hypnotic sound. [rumbles]
Vivian: Ooh, Philip, that's what you did on our first date.
Philip: That's right.
Vivian: You're lucky you got a second one.

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