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Quote from Carlton in Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)

Will: [deep voice] One, two, three. Hey, Ashley [beatboxes] Will and Carlton are sorry Hey, kitty cat, hey, kitty cat Hey, kitty cat Help, help me out
Carlton: [high-pitched voice] We care about you very much
Will: Plea Plea Plea Please forgive us
Ashley: Will, stop it. Will! Please. I'm going to work now. Not to the glamorous career I've always dreamed of.
No, thanks to you, I'll be working at Dippity Do Dog until I'm dippity dead.
Carlton: I think it worked. I think she's feeling much better.
Will: [normal voice] I think you've been smoking a little bit too much of that cat nip.
Carlton: Hey, you take that back.
Will: Carlton, it's over. It's not over.
Carlton: What does he mean it's over? It can't be over.

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