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Quote from Nicky in Not, I Barbecue

Nicky: What you doing, Carlton?
Carlton: Oh, packing away my CDs. Will and I made a bet. For one week, I'm not allowed to listen to Tom Jones and he's not allowed to listen to that god-awful Biggie Smalls. We have $50 riding on it and I'm gonna win.
Nicky: Who's Tom Jones?
Carlton: Nicky, Nicky. Tom Jones is the King of Swing. The Tower of Power. Mr. Vegas. This guy's a legend. [sighs]
Nicky: Can I hear one of his songs?
Carlton: Oh, I'd love to, but no can do.
Nicky: Please?
Carlton: Well, I guess one song wouldn't hurt. [Carlton dances as "It's Not Unusual" plays]
Will: Just couldn't hang on there could you, little fella?
Carlton: Darn.
Will: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. [Carlton leaves] Here's something for your trouble, little brother. Thanks a lot.
Nicky: Five bucks? What do I look like? Come on, man. You got to break me off some.

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