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Quote from Carlton in Get a Job

Carlton: Well, you're mad at me for stealing your job?
Will: You're doggone, right. You shouldn't have done that. You knew how much I wanted this job.
Carlton: And you demonstrated that by ditching your responsibility, Jasmine. Who may not be a looker, but is quite an entertaining gal.
Will: Look, fine. Be that as it may, it does not change what you did and what you always do to me. Man, you are just so selfish. You got everything, but still on top of that you gotta take everything that everybody else has. Always about you. Carlton. Carlton. Carlton.
Carlton: Oh, yeah, well, you know what your problem is?
Will: No, I don't.
Carlton: You're a slacker. You say you want things but you're never willing to work for it. You never make the sacrifice. You think you're just gonna charm your way through. Just like your father.
Will: Let me tell you something. I am nothing like my father, all right?

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