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Quote from Philip in Cold Feet, Hot Body

Philip: Now, okay? Now, we're walking. We're walking. Ooh... Beautiful woman walks right on by. Looks just Diahann Carroll.
Will: Ah. Phillip.
Philip: What, Vivian? I was looking at that woman. I mean, she's gorgeous, but she doesn't do a thing for me. Baby, what is it that you have that she doesn't?
Will: [high-pitched voice] A mean left hook.
Philip: Oh, come on.
Will: [normal voice] I apologize. I was just playing, Uncle Phil. You're right, I see your point.
Philip: Ain't that the truth. Now, but you don't push your luck because you're just a beginner. If Toni Braxton walked by, you just put on your sunglasses.
Will: Oh, man, I don't need none of that stuff. I got it completely under control. I don't care if Toni girl goes galloping by on a white horse buck-naked, you know what I'm saying? [mimics horse neighing] She better be traveling fast, though. Snatch her little butt down off there.

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