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Quote from Will in Cold Feet, Hot Body

Denise: I'm doing this crossword puzzle and I'm kind of stuck. What's a nine-letter word for incredible?
Will: Oh, that's easy. Will Smith.
Denise: Denise, a pleasure to meet you.
Will: Hey. [as Humphrey Bogart] Of all the campus dames in all the campuses in all the world why'd you have to walk into mine?
Denise: [laughs] Casablanca, right? I love Humphrey Bogart.
Will: Yeah, yeah, dude is cool. He ain't no Shaft, though, you know?
Both: Damn right.
Will: Whoa! Look at you. You know, most women can't appreciate the subtle nuances of a fine Shaft film.
Denise: Yes, well, I'm not like most women.
Will: You got that right.
Denise: What are you thinking right now?
Will: [inner monologue] You ain't wearing no bra. [out loud] So do you like the Pointer Sisters?

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