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Quote from Will in Will's Misery

Vivian: This piece is exquisite.
Philip: It certainly is. And you can sense the artist's pain and yet it's a celebration of life.
Will: Yo! A swap meet.
Philip: This is Mr. Culture.
Will: What you talking about, Uncle Phil? I got me a capacity for paintings, man. You know, I can sense what the artist is saying. Oh, like this one. "What a brother got to do to get some fries?" See, and here, I can sense the juxtaposition of metaphors interspersed with the three-second violation.
Philip: You're a jackass.
Vivian: What is that noise?
Philip: Oh, Geoffrey's using my electric shoe buffer.
Will: Do you mean that old thing with all the frayed wires?
Philip: Hey, now, that's a one-of-a-kind original. They don't make them like that anymore.
[After the lights flicker, Geoffrey is flung down the stairs in a cloud of smoke. He cautiously stands up with his jacket smoking.]
Will: I call this one Workmen's Compensation.

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