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Quote from Vivian in Home Is Where the Heart Attack Is

Ashley: This is all my fault. I pushed Daddy way too hard on the tennis courts.
Hilary: No, Ashley, it was me. I scared him half to death with my stupid thrill-seeking.
Geoffrey: I'm afraid, dear family, that I am the culprit.
Vivian: What do you mean, Geoffrey?
Geoffrey: Years of my rich sauces, prime cuts of beef, sumptuous desserts have certainly gone to his heart.
Vivian: Yes, but if I wasn't there to excuse his behavior this never would've happened.
Geoffrey: Good point.
Hilary: You can't blame yourself, Mom.
Vivian: "Oh, go ahead, Philip, have dessert. You've had a hard day." "Not to worry, we can let those pants out." "I'm too tired. Go downstairs and have a snack."

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