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Quote from Geoffrey in Bundle of Joy

Vivian: [answers phone] Hello. Yes, Doctor. You know, I figured there must be some mistake. I knew I couldn't possibly be having twins. Triplets?
Geoffrey: [on the phone] [Southern accent] That's right, Mrs. Banks. You'll be having three little ones so I suggest a lot more help. Preferably a young nanny amply endowed, with no inhibitions.
Philip: [clears throat]
Geoffrey: Oh, hello. Might I get you anything?
Philip: An explanation.
Geoffrey: Mid-life crisis.
Vivian: Geoffrey, why did you do it?
Geoffrey: I'm terribly sorry, madam. It was just the thought of one more person to clean up after was more than I could bear.
Vivian: Geoffrey, this baby is all of our responsibility and I promise you we will not leave you with all the work.

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