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Quote from Will in Asses to Ashes

Will: See, once upon a time there was this young boy that lived in Philly, right? And right next to him lived the prettiest little honey you ever seen in your life. And he loved her with his whole heart and soul.
Ashley: Aw.
Will: Amen, sister. But see, on the other side of that girl lived this little, filthy McRotten dude and he wanted her just for her body, right? So one day, the two dudes was about to get it on, right? The girl came out and stopped them. She said, "No, flip a coin and the winner can be my boyfriend," right? So the nasty dude snatch off into his pocket, right? Calls heads, flips the coin, the nice guy lost the toss, and the girl, and it broke his heart. And do you know why he lost?
Vivian: Why?
Will: Because the nasty dude cheated. He had a two-headed coin. The nice guy didn't get the girl.
Philip: So, this story is about you, isn't it, Will?
Will: That's right, Uncle Phil. And to this day I just thank God I had my two-headed coin 'cause that girl was smoking, man.

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