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Quote from Will in A Night at the Oprah

Will: Oh, Oprah.
Oprah Winfrey: Young brother, what do you want?
Will: I was just wondering, is it the question portion yet?
Oprah Winfrey: Do you have a question?
Will: Yes.
Oprah Winfrey: Okay, what is your question?
Will: I have a question for Senator Lloyd. Senator, let's say that, you know, you had a young urban handsome nephew. Would you let him come on the Oprah Winfrey Show with you?
Senator Lloyd: Well, I sure would, son. And let me say, I love your Leslie Uggams.
Will: Thanks. My next question is for Mr. Banks.
Oprah Winfrey: Two questions?
Will: Yeah. Mr. Banks, would you let your nephew come on the Oprah Winfrey Show or would you make him fly all the way to Chicago for nothing to sit out in the audience, to be embarrassed in front of his girl. Hi, Latisha. Huh?

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