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Quote from Will in Ill Will

Will: Max!
Max: Yeah, what?
Will: What do you think of the rap tape?
Max: Rap tape? Sounded like an auction. Kreplach?
Will: Yo, man, what'd you call me?
Max: Kreplach. It's a dumpling. Hey, have a nosh.
Will: Yo. Hey, Max? Let me ask you something. You all cooped up in this hospital. Why are you so happy about it?
Max: Look, kid, I'm 83 years old. Inside I feel like I'm just as young as you. The difference is, you think you're immortal. Me, I know better. I don't have to waste time feeling sorry for myself. You know what I mean?
Will: You know, you're really something, Max.
Max: Please, don't make me cry. I can't spare the fluid.

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