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‘The Russian Rocket Reaction’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Russian Rocket Reaction

505. The Russian Rocket Reaction

Aired October 13, 2011

Sheldon is unhappy when Leonard wants to go to a party at Wil Wheaton's house. Meanwhile, Howard is offered an out-of-this-world opportunity.

Quote from Amy

Penny: Wait, what is going on?
Sheldon: In case you have forgotten, Schrodinger's cat is a thought experiment.
Penny: No, no, no, no, I didn't forget. Um, there's this cat in a box and until you open it, it's either dead or alive or both. Although, back in Nebraska, our cat got stuck in my brother's camp trunk, and we did not need to open it to know there was all kinds of dead cat in there.
Amy: Homespun stories, knowledge of physics and a bosom that defies it. You're the whole package, aren't you?


Quote from Amy

Amy: Now Sheldon, I know you're a left handed monkey wrench but you seriously have a mortal enemy
Sheldon: Yes, in fact I have 61. Would you like to see the list?

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: This will just take a moment, it's on a five and a quarter inch floppy.
Amy: A floppy disk?
Sheldon: Well, I started the list when I was nine.

Quote from Amy

Amy: It's not for us to judge. We're just here to provide comfort and support while you come to grips with what a despicable thing you've done.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: Going to Wheaton's party is not betraying you.
Sheldon: Oh, of course you would have to believe that. Evil always thinks it's doing right. Excuse me, Stormtrooper. These are the droids you're looking for.
Leonard: I'm going to a party. I'm not turning R2-D2 and C-3PO over to the empire!
Sheldon: Not yet.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Until you either do not go or go to Wil Wheaton's party you are simultaneously my friend and not my friend. I'm characterizing this phenomenon as Schrodinger's Friendship.

Quote from Bernadette

Bernadette: Oh, boo-hoo, you're not going to space!

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: You just got off the list, would you like back on it?

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