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The Big Bang Theory: The Raiders Minimization

704. The Raiders Minimization

Aired October 10, 2013

When Amy points out a flaw in the plot of one of Sheldon's favorite movies, he vows revenge by ruining something she likes. Meanwhile, Leonard finds a way to manipulate Penny into doing anything for him, while Raj and Stuart set up online dating profiles.

Quote from Howard

Sheldon: Amy ruined Raiders of the Lost Ark for me, so I'm trying to find something beloved of hers and ruin that.
Howard: Because her life wasn't enough?


Quote from Amy

Amy: I love Little House. It made me want to live on a farm so much I tried to milk my cat. That tangy bowl of Cheerios was not worth the stitches.

Quote from Stuart

Raj: In the last hour 162 people have read our profiles. How many of them have sent us messages?
Stuart: Combined?
Raj: Yes.
Stuart: Zero.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: You've spent time with Amy, can you think of anything she's fond of that has a bunch of flaws she hasn't noticed?
Leonard: ... I got to go.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: There's chapters about potty training, bed wetting and masturbation. Basically, if something came out of me, she wrote about it!

Quote from Raj

Stuart: Is make-up really necessary?
Raj: When somebody looks at your dating profile, the first thing they see is your picture. I just want to make sure you look fun and full of life, not like a body they just pulled out the river.

Quote from Penny

Penny: Not even the one on the breast feeding crisis?
Leonard: It was not a crisis. Apparently I favored the left one, she got a little lopsided.
Penny: Oh my God, you still go left!

Quote from Leonard

Penny: I just want to know why a five-year-old boy puts on his mom's make-up and wears balloon boobies.
Leonard: They weren't boobies, they were muscles. And the make-up was green, I was pretending to be The Hulk.
Penny: You were wearing her bra.
Leonard: That was to keep my muscles from sagging. Can we please stop talking about this?!

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: More like Little House of the Prepostorous.

Quote from Stuart

Stuart: I don't think I've ever felt so rejected. And I had a rescue dog that ran back to the pound!

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