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‘The Pulled Groin Extrapolation’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

503. The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Aired September 29, 2011

Leonard gets to know Amy when he attends a wedding as her guest. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette spend their weekend with Mrs. Wolowitz.

Quote from Amy

Amy: The only person who signed my yearbook was my mother. "Dear Amy, self respect and a hymen are far better than friends and fun. Love, mom."


Quote from Howard

Bernadette: Good Morning, handsome.
Howard: Good morning, mom.
Bernadette: It's me!

Quote from Amy

Amy: I have a sorta kinda boyfriend at home playing with a model train, but you don't hear me bitching about it.

Quote from Sheldon

Leonard: It turns out she really knows how to help a guy loosen up and have a good time. Although, truth be told, my groin is a little worse for wear.
*Sheldon karate chops Leonard*
Leonard: Why did you do that?
Sheldon: To send a message: She is not for you!
Leonard: What?
Sheldon: Not for you!

Quote from Bernadette

Bernadette: (Sounding like Mrs. Wolowitz) He wants butter!

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: All these years I've been so wrong. The tinier the trains, the more concentrated the fun.

Quote from Amy

Leonard: Well, I have some work to do, so-
Amy: I can't imagine that would disturb me. Carry on.
Leonard: Okay. Wouldn't you be more comfortable at home?
Amy: Not really, no.
Leonard: All righty then. Guess I'll just get started.
Amy: Leonard, please. I don't need the running commentary.

Quote from Amy

Leonard: I just can't figure out what happened. I put my left leg in, I took my left leg out, I put my left leg in, and something just snapped.
Amy: The hokey pokey is a young man's game.

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