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‘The Property Division Collision’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Property Division Collision

1010. The Property Division Collision

Aired December 1, 2016

Sheldon and Leonard end up in a bitter tit-for-tat fight when they try to divvy up their mutual belongings from Apartment 4A. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart compete to be the most helpful to Bernadette in her final weeks of pregnancy.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: It's not my fault I'm bad at sharing; I skipped kindergarten.


Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: If it's like your 3-D chess game, then you're out of your length, width and depth. Amy, get the Neosporin, somebody just got burned.

Quote from Raj

Raj: Hey, this pregnancy had an emotionally-needy third wheel way before you came along.

Quote from Amy

Amy: Look, we can't just throw away Penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back.
Sheldon: You know, I wonder how she feels about all this artwork.
Amy: Well, I'm sure she misses this one. I mean, it's the greatest gift I've ever given anybody.
Sheldon: It truly does capture the beauty of your friendship with Penny.
Amy: It may have appreciated in value. The artist killed himself shortly after painting that.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: You know what? There is one thing I would like.
Sheldon: Yeah, take whatever you want.
Leonard: I would like to keep the official flag of our apartment.
Sheldon: But you don't even like flags.
Leonard: Yeah, I like this one.
Sheldon: But I designed it.
Leonard: But you made me order it because you were "too well-known" in the flag community and they'd jack up the price.
Sheldon: But you don't even understand its symbolism.
Leonard: Oh, I do. The-the field of blue represents you being miserable, and the lion sticking its tongue out means I'm happy about it.

Quote from Stuart

Howard: Hey, tomorrow who wants to paint the nursery?
Raj: I'll do it.
Stuart: Why do you get to do it? I'm the artist.
Raj: Just because you're starving doesn't make you an artist.
Stuart: Just because I look sickly doesn't mean I'm starving.

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