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‘The Holographic Excitation’ Quotes

The Big Bang Theory: The Holographic Excitation

605. The Holographic Excitation

Aired October 25, 2012

While Raj helps Stuart with the annual Halloween party at the comic book store, Sheldon and Amy are divided over their couples costume. Meanwhile, Penny takes a greater interest in Leonard's work, while Howard's friends wish he'd stop banging on about space.

Quote from Sheldon

Stuart: Hey. Hey, look at you guys!
Amy: I'm Raggedy Ann, and he's Raggedy C-3PO.
Sheldon: It was a compromise. I lost.


Quote from Howard

Howard: A week ago, I was an astronaut.
Bernadette: Yeah, well, today you're a Smurf! Keep moving!

Quote from Sheldon

Howard: Okay, here it is. Bernadette said you guys are all sick of me talking about my trip to space. Is that true?
Sheldon: Yes.
Raj: No.
Sheldon: We seem to have different approaches here. I was going for helpful honesty. I have no idea what you're doing.
Raj: It's called being nice.
Sheldon: Okay. If you think being nice will get him to shut up, I'll try it.

Quote from Stuart

Raj: Would you like me to help? I do have a certain je ne sais quois when it comes to soirees.
Stuart: Thanks, but I can't afford je ne sais quois. How much for just quois?

Quote from Howard

Howard: (Mimicking Bernadette in a high voice) Oh Howie, stop talking about space so much. Nobody likes it.
Bernadette: (In a low voice) I don't sound like that.

Quote from Penny

Bernadette: Leonard does things he doesn't like to make you happy.
Penny: Well, yeah he's my boyfriend, isn't that like his job?
Amy: Then what's your job?
Penny: Letting him make me happy.

Quote from Bernadette

Bernadette: Whoa, Drinky Smurf.

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