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The Big Bang Theory: The Decision Reverberation

1220. The Decision Reverberation

Aired April 25, 2019

Koothrappali is worried people won't take him seriously in his own field after publishing a paper that suggests he may have discovered alien life. Also, Leonard wants to be the principal investigator on a plasma physics study.

Quote from Leonard

Penny: I mean, come on, when was the last time you did something totally selfish without worrying about what anyone else wanted?
Leonard: Uh, according to my mother, I took my sweet time being born.
Penny: How is that selfish?
Leonard: Apparently, she had dinner reservations.


Quote from Amy

Amy: Look, when you wanted Penny, you didn't care what anybody else thought or wanted, including Penny.
Leonard: That's true. Yeah, yeah, there was something I wanted, I went after it and I got it.
Amy: Now you're hiding from it on the stairs, so it all worked out.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Gee, I'm sorry, I didn't watch the news today. Has the whole world gone mad?
Leonard: It's my house. I'm tired of being told where I can and can't sit.
Sheldon: [to Penny] You did this. Amy, grab your meat. We're leaving in a huff.
Amy: I'm sorry, if I don't go now, it's not a huff.

Quote from Amy

Amy: Wow. Déjà vu.
Sheldon: Amy, you're a neuroscientist. you know the latest research into déjà vu suggests it's nothing but the frontal regions of the brain attempting to correct an inaccurate memory.
Amy: You telling me stuff I already know is definitely déjà vu.

Quote from Amy

Sheldon: How can I tell if I'm doing something for a noble reason or a selfish reason?
Amy: Try saying the thing in your head and see if you can add the words, "That'll show 'em."

Quote from Amy

Sheldon: Leonard's about to demand a job that I don't think the university will give him. I'm worried he's making a giant mistake. But maybe I only think that because deep down I don't want him to succeed.
Amy: The fact that you're worried about your motivation supports the idea that you genuinely care for your friend.
Sheldon: I do. Thank you, Amy. You know what? After I've talked to Leonard, you've earned yourself a bonus lecture on Sponge Hulk.
Amy: That'll show me.

Quote from Amy

Leonard: Oh, the there's a 7:15 at the ArcLight.
Penny: Well, that doesn't give us much time to eat.
Leonard: We can eat afterwards.
Sheldon: I'm not gonna eat at 10:00 at night. Who am I, Hemingway?
Amy: Why do you think Hemingway ate at 10:00?
Sheldon: He spent a lot of time in Spain. They eat dinner late.
Amy: He also spent a lot of time in Florida. Last time I was there, people were eating dinner at, like, 4:30.

Quote from Bernadette

Raj: So, then, we can see the 3-D at 9:00 or the 2-D at 9:30.
Bernadette: 3-D. If I'm gonna see Thor, I want to feel like I could lick those abs.

Quote from Penny

Penny: How's your headache?
Leonard: It's better. The throwing up really helped.
Penny: Mm. I'm so sorry you missed the end of the movie.
Leonard: Oh, it's okay. Everyone talked about it so much on the ride home, I feel like I saw it.
Penny: Well, to be fair, you talked about the bathroom so much, we felt like we saw that, too.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: I think I would've been okay if we weren't sitting so close.
Penny: Well, then, why did we sit so close?
Leonard: Sheldon said, "Are these seats good for everyone?" What was I supposed to do, say no, like a maniac?

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