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That '70s Show: We're Not Gonna Take It

606. We're Not Gonna Take It

Aired December 3, 2003

Eric loses his job at the dog food factory after Joanne breaks up with Bob. Meanwhile, Fez and Laurie receive a wedding gift just as Red pushes them to get a divorce.

Quote from Fez

Fez: Okay, just to make it clear, if you're buying me a gift, I want candy. For my birthday, Christmas, daylight savings... Candy. Candy!


Quote from Red

Eric: Hey, Mom, look, I know you're worried about money, with Dad not being able to work, but I want you to know I'm gonna get right back out there and get a better job, a high-paying job.
Red: Oh, sure, just go down to the Bureau of High-Paying Jobs. You can't miss it. It's right next to the Pie-in-the-Sky Office. Jackass.

Quote from Kelso

Eric: Hey, Hyde, where's table seven's fish?
Kelso: Oh, I got that for you, Eric. Here is your filet of sole. [reveals a shoe on a plate] Burn!

Quote from Bob

Kelso: Bob, what are you doing here, anyway?
Bob: Oh, it's just something I'm trying out.
Jackie: How's it going?
Bob: It's a little uncomfortable. I thought it would be better than sitting home alone. It's not.

Quote from Kitty

Kitty: Oh, it's a present. Oh, it's a wedding present from Aunt Martha.
Red: You told her about the marriage? We agreed never to speak of this evil to anyone.
Kitty: Well, I had to tell a few people, because I never thought I'd be able to say, "Laurie got married" without adding, "And the baby came early."

Quote from Kitty

Donna: Nice going, ackass-jay.
Eric: Ackass-jay? Oh! Jackass.
Kitty: Well, honey, I don't think you're a jackass. I think you're a jack-angel.

Quote from Kelso

Eric: Well, the job search is going great. I think I have a sh*t at washing an old man's back on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Hyde: They were looking for a waiter down at the restaurant.
Kelso: Whoa. Why'd you tell him? I'm up for that job.
Hyde: That's why I told him.
Kelso: No, no, no. Look, Eric, I need this job way more than you do. You don't have a baby on the way.
Eric: But I do have a family to support. And if I don't keep the booze flowing, they're gonna get violent.
Kelso: Well, look, the only way Brooke is gonna let me be a part of my kid's life is if I prove to her that I'm responsible, and a promotion at the restaurant would impress her. I mean, busboy's a job, but waiter is a career.
Eric: Okay, well, then you know what? We'll just both go down there, apply, and may the best man win.
Kelso: No, I want it.

Quote from Laurie

Fez: Laurie! Well, look what the whore dragged in. Herself. Need I remind you that you are married?
Laurie: Oh, that's okay. The guy from last night was married, too.
Fez: What is your problem?
Red: Are you two at it again? Your green card is on the way. I thought this marriage was over.
Kitty: Laurie, I gave you $50 last week to go down to the courthouse and file for divorce. What happened?
Laurie: Well, I had to get a new makeup mirror and some wine.
Red: Tomorrow, we're going to the courthouse.
Fez: Hmm. The courthouse is across town. I wonder if you can make it all the way there without sleeping with someone.
Laurie: I bet I can make it there without sleeping with you.
Fez: Bitch.

Quote from Jackie

Donna: Oh, my poor dad. Wish there was something I could do to make him feel better.
Jackie: Well, once when I was sad about Michael cheating on me, I got flowers from a secret admirer, and they cheered me right up. I mean, sure, I sent them to myself, but it's the thought that counts.
Kelso: Those flowers were from you? You let me go on and on about how they were from me. God, try a little honesty.
Donna: Wait. That's actually not a bad idea. If my dad thought somebody else liked him, he wouldn't be so bummed about Joanne. But men don't really like flowers, do they?
Kelso: No, they remind us of bees.
Bob: Oh, I'll send him fudge. He loves fudge. I know because one time, he got some, and I asked if I could have a piece, and he quickly changed the subject.
Jackie: Well, let me tell them what to write on the card. I'm good at that. When I sent myself those flowers and read how much I loved me, I felt so much better.

Quote from Kelso

Eric: I'm here to apply for the waiter position.
Kelso: Roy, that's the guy I was telling you about.
Eric: Oh.
Roy: Well, I don't think we can hire a waiter who's got a disease that spreads through food.
Kelso: Roy, he really doesn't like to talk about his death-a-food-a-spread-itis.
Hyde: Death-a-food-a-spreada what? Who are you, Elmer Fudd?
Kelso: All right, fine. He doesn't have a disease.

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