Trending ‘That '70s Show’ Quotes

Quote from Eric in Thanksgiving

Fez: So you made out with a college girl?
Eric: Kind of.
Hyde: Start talking.
Kelso: Tell it like a story, like a sexy story.
Eric: Okay. She, like, jammed her entire tongue into my mouth. And you wouldn't think a girl had, like, that much tongue, you know?


Quote from Donna in First Date

Donna: [loudly] Here, chicken, chicken.
Eric: Donna, please. Ssh.
Donna: Oh, sorry.
Eric: Are- Are you okay?
Donna: I am great.
Eric: I think you're drunk.
Donna: I think I am, too. How could I be drunk?
Waiter: Wait, there's about five shots of alcohol in a Long Island Iced Tea.
Eric: Wait. Long Island Iced Tea?
Waiter: Yeah, you guys ordered drinks.
Donna: And I'm ready for another one.
Eric: Nope, she's good. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you.