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That '70s Show: Thank You

508. Thank You

Aired December 3, 2002

Eric wants to reveal his and Donna's engagement on Thanksgiving, but first he has to hide the fact that he's failing math. Meanwhile, Kitty's parents, Bea (Betty White) and Burt (Tom Poston) visit for the holidays, and Laurie returns home.

Quote from Donna

Donna: I love this ring. You know, I wish we could tell people that we're engaged. You know, without Red killing you.
Eric: Red kills happy things. It's what he does. Let's just enjoy the fact that someday you are going to be Mrs. Forman.
Donna: Mrs. Forman? [laughs] You want me to go by Mrs. Forman?
Eric: Well, yeah, I just assumed. I mean, come on. [laughs] Pinciotti? Which is nice. No. Which is really nice.
Kitty: [enters] Eric? Eric? Honey could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? Oh, wait. It's a 20-pounder. Donna. Could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? [exits]
Donna: Sure, Mrs. Forman. See? There's your Mrs. Forman.
Eric: Okay. Yeah, you know. [clears throat] You're right. That's gonna be a little creepy.
Donna: Well, now I kinda like it. Call me Mrs. Forman.
Eric: No.
Donna: Mrs. Forman's feeling dirty.
Eric: Okay, Donna-
Donna: Come on. Give Mrs. Forman a big French kiss!


Quote from Kelso

Hyde: Mrs. Forman, if it helps, I can invite Jackie to Thanksgiving. She's bitchy like Laurie.
Kelso: Mrs. Forman, I would love to come to your Thanksgiving dinner and I'll bring a date and a 12-pack, just like the pilgrims.

Quote from Hyde

Hyde: Oh, hey, Red. Do me a favor. Sign this, huh? My gym teacher's failing me 'cause I won't wear shorts.
Red: Why won't you wear shorts?
Hyde: Would you wear shorts?
Red: Fine.
Hyde: Thank you.

Quote from Hyde

Hyde: So, Thanksgiving. We celebrate the subjugation of an indigenous people with yams and Underdog floats.
Jackie: Yeah. I'm mostly celebrating my pretty new dress.
Hyde: And so much for talking.

Quote from Bob

Bob: Hey, thanks for dinner, Kitty. I'll remember to wear my stretch pants next time. Oh, let me know if you find that button.

Quote from Kelso

Kelso: Hey, Laurie. Long time no doing it.
Laurie: Maybe for you. So, what time is your date gonna let you out for recess? [exits]
Kelso: Nice try, Laurie. There's no recess today. It's Thanksgiving! Wow, Laurie. [laughs] Yeah, me and her really had something, huh?
Hyde: Yeah. Ointment took care of that, though, right?
Kelso: Yeah.

Quote from Red

Kitty: Well, another Thanksgiving come and gone. Certainly an eventful day, hmm?
Red: Yeah. But with our ungrateful daughter, that dumbass son and a drunk foreign kid, I'd say... Actually, it was a little better than last year.

Quote from Fez

Eric: Hey, guys. Red is gonna flip when he sees this failing notice. "To the parent or guardian of Eric Forman."
Fez: Your son is a complete idiot. Please kick him out and raise the foreign boy as your own.

Quote from Red

Red: So, Eric, how's school treating you? You managing to, uh, keep from embarrassing yourself?
Eric: Yeah. Oh, sure. I've been buckling down just like you said and thinking a little bit more about my future, which I believe you also recommended.
Red: Well, it's good to know that 17 years of kicking your ass has finally paid off.

Quote from Fez

Kitty: Okay, careful. Careful. Watch the TV. Okay. Okay, this is good. Perfect. Perfect.
[Fez bumps into Red]
Red: You. Why are you here? You don't even know what Thanksgiving is.
Fez: I'm here because my host parents are feeding bums at church. Charity begins at home, my ass.

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