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Quote from Kitty in Love, Wisconsin Style

Red: Let me get this straight. Donna wanted to get back together and you said no?
Eric: I said no.
Red: You said no?
Kitty: Dumbass!


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Quote from Red

Eric: Look, I have my reasons, okay?
Kitty: What could they be? What could they possibly be?
Eric: Casey dumps her and she comes to me? Okay, I'm not a rebound.
Red: So you're too proud to take her back? And what do you have to be so proud of? You're not an athlete. The only smart thing about you is your mouth. And look at you.
Kitty: Red- Red, he looks fine. He's just so darn stupid! I'm- I'm very upset.

Quote from Eric

Bob: And then I told Donna she was grounded, and she said no.
Kitty: She said no?
Eric: Can you do that?
Red: No.
Bob: I need your help, Red. I gotta get Donna away from that guy.
Eric: Oh, Dad, you know what's good? Threaten her with the old foot in the ass.

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Quote from Killer Queen

Kitty: Okay, what were you two talking about?
Red: Well, Kitty, I had a stash of gifts down there for every occasion. That way, if I forgot to buy you something, I'd still be covered.
Kitty: You buy my gifts in bulk?
Red: No, it's more of a vast inventory of love.
Kitty: Well, you're about to get a vast inventory of my foot in your ass! Yeah! I can do that too!

Quote from (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Bob: Okay, you gotta admit it, this one's pretty funny. [chuckles] I'm sorry, I love word play.
Kitty: I don't get it. What's so funny about a muff?
Red: Kitty.
Kitty: I mean, muffs aren't funny. I have a beautiful gray one that I have been using for years.
Red: For the love of God, please.
Kitty: Just tell me what's so funny about my...
Red: Nothing. Nothing is funny.
Kitty: Exactly.