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Quote from Hyde in We Will Rock You

Man: Hey, man. How much for a beer?
Hyde: One dollar.
Man: Awesome. There you go.
Hyde: Now, if you want it in a cup, that's an extra three bucks. Oh. And, there's a two-dollar pouring charge.
Man: You want six bucks for a beer?
Hyde: You can always go to the other place.
Man: There is no other place.
Hyde: What do you know? Looks like I got what you'd call a monopoly.
Man: You have change for a ten?
Hyde: Nope.


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Quote from Jackie

Jackie: What do you guys have against disco? It's the only thing white people can dance to.

Quote from Hyde

Hyde: Disco sucks, man. It's painful to listen to. It makes me wanna shoot myself. It's the musical equivalent of Jackie.

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Quote from Trampled Under Foot

Hyde: I'm telling you, the government has a car that runs on water, man. They just don't want us to know, because then we'd buy all the water. Then there'd be nothing left to drink but beer. And the government knows that beer will set us free.
Fez: Hyde, you told us about the car a million times. Can we please talk about how hungry and horny I am? I wish I had a lady made of pizza. Or a pizza made of boobs!
Eric: Yeah, hungry, check. Horny, check. It's getting a little old, Fez. God, I feel like I'm Luke Skywalker, you know? Remember when he was living on Tatooine before R2 and 3PO showed up? Just working on Uncle Owen's water farm all day. Not even allowed to go into Toshie Station to pick up some power converters. Boring.
Kelso: Eric, enough with the Star Wars crap! Whenever you talk about that stuff, I frown. And when I frown, my skin wrinkles. And if I get wrinkles, my free ride is over. And I like my free ride!
Hyde: Yeah, we get it. You're good looking. Look, doesn't anybody have anything new to say?
[Fez, Eric and Kelso are stumped when the camera pans over to them]
Hyde: So there's this car that runs on water, man. [guys throw beer cans at Hyde] It runs on water, man!

Quote from Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Hyde: Hey, what do I need Jackie for, man? I know more about this stuff than she does. The three true branches of the government are military, corporate, and Hollywood. I need a pencil. I got it. I got it.