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Quote from Kelso in Immigrant Song

Hyde: Way to go. If you hadn't fallen off the water tower, we could've helped him out.
[After Hyde punches Kelso in the arm, Kelso groans as he uses his sprained hand to hit Hyde back.]
Hyde: They should've x-rayed your head at the hospital.
Kelso: They did. And for your information, they found nothing.


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Quote from Kitty

Kitty: Washer and dryer, Red. They are going to have a washer and dryer. That redheaded harlot is gonna be Shouting-out my baby's grass stains! What about my last summer with my youngest child? I bet you weren't thinking about that when you went fishing. I bought sparklers for the Fourth of July. He loves sparklers and now he's leaving, and what are we gonna do for the Fourth of July?
Red: Uh... there's a car show in Kenosha.
Kitty: A car show? I don't want to go to a [bleep] car show in [bleep] Kenosha. I want three more [bleep] months with my baby boy and now they're gone because of your bull[bleep]. Way to go, dumbass!

Quote from Fez

Fez: Well, thanks a lot for getting me at the police station, you two sons of two bitches!
Hyde: Fez, what happened?
Fez: Well, I got arrested. And they did a background check and found out that my student visa expires when I graduate from high school.
Hyde: What?
Fez: Yeah, and now I have to leave the country after graduation. That's in a week. And I have to relearn my native language. Good day.
Kelso: No, but Fez-
Fez: [speaks foreign language]

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Quote from Misty Mountain Hop

Kitty: Steven, what's in the bag?
Kelso: The Packers winning next year's Super Bowl. That's what's in the bag.
Red: Is that what I think it is?
Kelso: If you mean paprika, yes, sir.
Kitty: Honey- Honey, paprika is red.
Kelso: If you mean green paprika, yes, sir!
Red: Green paprika?!
Kelso: Hyde, what am I looking for here?
Hyde: Oregano.
Kelso: If you mean oregano, yes, sir!

Quote from Donna's Panties

Kelso: Wow. Chicks must really dig astronauts, 'cause it says here that astronauts get all the Tang they want.