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Quote from Eric in It's a Wonderful Life

Angel: Welcome to 1983, Donna and Hyde's wedding.
Eric: Man, did you have to make her pregnant? Good God, I wish I could just wake up.
Angel: Oh-Oh, you may never wake up. This could be a coma dream.
Kelso: Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hyde from Cedar Rapids's number one anchorman.
Hyde: Kelso, man, glad you could make it.
Kelso: Hey, oh, man, can I kiss the bride?
Donna: Sure. [Kelso kisses Donna] Damn it, Kelso! You don't French the bride!
Rhonda: Where's the food?
Eric: Please, honey, for the love of God-
Rhonda: Don't "honey" me. I'm hungry, stick man. [sniffs]
Hyde: Hey, Forman, so when are you and Big Rhonda gonna tie the knot, huh?
Eric: Oh, I don't know. You know, I'm so busy at Price Mart, and, uh, she has her dog grooming and her cheating on me, so...


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Quote from Eric

Eric: You know, Angel, thanks. But I've got to go to sleep, 'cause I have a big day of misery ahead of me.
Angel: Okay, you win. It was better never to have loved at all.
Eric: Thank you.
Angel: And, hey, I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal. I'm gonna take it all away. You won't feel a thing, good or bad.
Eric: Really? Yes. Yes, do it.
Angel: Okay. Well, let me just remind you what you're giving up. Hang on.
[montage of Eric and Donna]
Eric: Wait. No. I want to keep it. Please, just let me keep it.
[The angel has disappeared]

Quote from Eric

Eric: This is really- [coughing] I've really missed- [coughing]
Kelso: We have breaking news. I'm toasted. Man, they pay me gobs of money to talk like that.
Hyde: Fez, do something with your hair, man. It's making me paranoid.
Fez: Guys, I have discovered a band that will change music forever. [electronic keyboard] [sings Flock of Seagulls "I Ran" off-key]
Eric: I love to cook, you know? I'm really good with sauces.
Kelso: Guys, sometimes when I do the news I don't wear any pants!
Angel: [inhales deeply] Whoo! You know, there are some things about Earth I really miss! [laughs]

Quote from Eric

Eric: Hyde was waiting for her that night? I didn't know that.
Angel: Shh. This is my favorite part.
Donna: Hi.
Hyde: Hey.
Donna: Thanks.
Hyde: [sniffs] So you with Forman now?
Donna: [laughs] I guess not. I mean, he didn't make a move or anything, so...
Hyde: Yeah. [kisses Donna]
Eric: Hyde, what are you doing? Get the hell off her!
Angel: Eric, they can't hear you. Don't you watch movies? I mean, this is pretty basic stuff here.