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Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')

‘Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')’

Season 7, Episode 18 -  Aired March 16, 2005

Kelso looks after his daughter, Betsy, for the day. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty attend a car show with Hyde and Jackie.

Quote from Fez

Fez: What's this?
Kelso: That's breast milk. Don't touch it.
Fez: Breast milk? From real breasts? What don't they do?


Quote from Fez

Donna: Hey, Fez. Why are you staring at that milk?
Fez: It's from a breast. Simply remarkable.

Quote from Kitty

Hyde: One funnel cake, extra sugar.
Jackie: Oh, Steven, I knew you'd come back, and to show you how thankful I am, I'm gonna feed you a piece.
Kitty: Oh, get a room. Did you see Red?
Hyde: He didn't come back yet? That's weird. He was in front of me in the funnel cake line.
Kitty: What the...
[Red is being photographed next to two scantily-clad women]
Red: Okay, gals, say, "Funnel cake." Funnel cake.
All: Funnel cake.
Kitty: Oh, my God.
Red: There goes the fun.
Kitty: Well, I hope you're happy, Red Forman, because we are leaving. You two, get your A-S-Ss back to the car. You two, get your B-double-O-Bs off my husband.

Quote from Leo

Leo: Man, am I glad I found you guys. All these houses look alike. Except for that red one on the corner where the clown lives.
Donna: That's a McDonald's.
Leo: Well, whatever his name is, he's funny.

Quote from Leo

Bob: Oh, little sweetie.
[After picking up the baby, Bob kicks the hammock sending Leo falling to the ground]
Bob: What are you doing in my house, hippie?!
Leo: Are you sure this is your house?
Bob: Of course it's my house.
Leo: I believe you. The guy screaming usually owns the house.

Quote from Hyde

Hyde: Man, I am so psyched for this auto show. I'm telling you, once I trick out my El Camino, it is going to be... [covers Kitty's ears]... bad freaking ass.
Jackie: You know, tricking out sounds a lot like accessorizing.
Hyde: Hey, don't ever call it that, all right? But, yeah, that's basically what it is.

Quote from Red

Red: Kitty, I'm begging you to stop. There's gonna be hundreds of auto parts salesmen, and now that I have the muffler shop, they're gonna be getting in line to kiss my butt.
Kitty: Well, and they will be happy to kiss it because everything from my house is spotless.
Red: All right, I'm getting in the car, I'm counting to 60, and if you're not there, I'm leaving.
Kitty: Ah. The honeymoon speech again. [laughs]

Quote from Kitty

Kitty: Oh, I can't forget my book. You know, this new Jackie Collins romance really gives me a case of the tingles.
Hyde: Mrs. Forman, please, your tingles are your own business.
Kitty: You move into my house, you hear about my tingles. Jackie, I hope you brought a book. When we get to the auto show, the guys are gonna ignore us.
Jackie: Mrs. Forman, I'm a beautiful girl with a shrill, demanding voice. I'm pretty hard to ignore.
Kitty: Okay, but we can't compete with a bunch of cars. Wheels are like bosoms to men, and a car has four.

Quote from Leo

Kelso: Look, don't worry. All she does is sleep. It's like taking care of a bowling ball.
Leo: I don't like bowling, man. You throw the ball down there and it keeps coming back. It's spooky, man.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Okay, Donna, I'm gonna go upstairs and change into something sexy. Now either you come join me in 60 seconds, or I'm gonna have to start without you, and we both know how awkward it is when you walk in on that.

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