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Moon Over Point Place

‘Moon Over Point Place’

Season 2, Episode 26 -  Aired May 22, 2000

Eric is upset when a picture of Donna mooning is printed in the year book, while Fez is annoyed there was no photo of him. Meanwhile, Jackie tries to spend more time with Hyde.

Quote from Leo

Hyde: What's she doing here?
Leo: I think she's hittin' on me, man. But I ain't interested. Tell her I ain't interested and make her go away.
Jackie: Hitting on you? I am not hitting on you, you relic.
Leo: Hey, name-calling is no way to win someone's heart.
Jackie: What are you talking about?
Leo: What are you talking about?
Jackie: What are you talking about?
Leo: What are you talking about?
Jackie: What are you talking about?
Leo: What are you talking about?
Jackie: Oh, my God. Great. Now he got away. Steven! [exits]
Leo: What was she talking about?


Quote from Kitty

Red: Hey. Let's see a smile. After all, no card game with the Looney Tunes tonight.
Kitty: Red, they are the only friends we've got. I am having them over tonight so we can clear the air.
Red: No. No, no. I don't wanna clear the air.
Kitty: Red, I'm clearing the air.
Red: Kitty, this is our chance to grow apart. How can you throw that away? How?
Kitty: Because six nights a week, I have to stare at your sour puss, and even God got to rest one day a week. [laughs]

Quote from Jackie

Jackie: Yeah. There's a lot of things about Steven that I used to not like, that now I really like. Like, well, I thought his pork-chop sideburns were a sign that he was poor and dirty and lived in a shack. But then I realized that Elvis had sideburns, and he lived in Graceland. Well, that was an eye-opener.

Quote from Eric

Bob: In the end, I'm glad my Donna's with your Eric. At least I know Eric's not a degenerate.
[As Bob, Midge, Red and Kitty stand in the door way, Eric is standing in front of Donna on the driveway and lowering his pants:]
Eric: Who's the prude now, huh? My ass is swinging, baby! Whoo!
Kitty: Eric.
Eric: [bends down] Hi, mom.
[Donna falls on the floor laughing]
Red: So, Bob, you wanna go ahead and cancel next week's game, buddy?

Quote from Jackie

Jackie: Okay. You guys, I just got an advance copy of the yearbook, and you'll all be happy to know that 1977 is my cutest year ever.
Eric: Jackie, that is so weird, because I was just telling the gang how there's no way you could be cuter than last year.
Jackie: You were?
Eric: Yes.
Kelso: I, for one, totally believe that you are cuter this year.
Jackie: Yeah, since I dumped you.
Donna: Nice burn.
Kelso: Donna, we've talked about that.

Quote from Fez

Fez: This is so exciting, my first American yearbook. Show us some pictures of Fez.
Jackie: Sorry, Fez. There aren't any.
Fez: What the hell? So, they don't let foreigners in your yearbook?
Jackie: Uh-huh.

Quote from Eric

Jackie: Here's me cheering at the pep rally last fall.
Hyde: Oh, my God. Someone in the crowd is mooning. You're all cheering away, and the whole time you're getting mooned. Yeah!
Eric: Oh, my God. That's a girl butt. Hee hee! There's girl butt in the yearbook. Oh, man, I can't tell who it is. I wish we had a magnifying glass.
Kelso: Oh. Here you go. I was- I was just playing with some bugs.
Jackie: God, I can't believe it. Someone's nasty butt is in my picture.
Eric: Oh, my God. That's not girl butt. That's Donna's butt!
Donna: Yeah! It is.

Quote from Donna

Donna: Eric, it's no big deal.
Jackie: It is, too, Donna. Your nasty butt ruined my picture.
Donna: Hey. Maybe your nasty face ruined my butt picture.

Quote from Fez

Fez: I know why I'm not in the yearbook. It because whitey's keeping me down.
Kelso: Hey, Fez. Just look at Donna's naked butt some more.
Fez: Yes, that's nice, thank you.

Quote from Hyde

Eric: Okay. Okay. Donna, take me through the chain of events. Now, you're at the pep rally... Oh, and at this point, your pants are on.
Donna: Right. And then they weren't.
Eric: Donna, mooning's not something you just do.
Hyde: No. It's not something you just do, because it's impossible to moon when you have no ass.

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