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It's Only Rock and Roll

‘It's Only Rock and Roll’

Season 7, Episode 5 -  Aired October 6, 2004

Hyde starts working for his father, William Barnett (Tim Reid), at his record store company. As Kitty searches for meaning in her life, she takes up tai chi with Midge and Donna. Meanwhile, Kelso turns over his stash of Playboy magazines to Fez.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Look, Mom, maybe you should stop worrying about everyone else so much and start thinking about yourself. Maybe you should find something to enrich your life. Oh, may I suggest the teachings of the Jedi?
Red: And may I suggest the footing of your ass?
Eric: This is not the ass you're looking for. See, now you don't know what to do.


Quote from Bob

Kitty: I really don't see what the big deal is, Bob.
Bob: We brought this tray over to you full of cookies. You should have brought it back full of cookies. That's all I'm saying.

Quote from Midge

Kitty: What are you two doing?
Donna: It's tai chi. It's an ancient form of exercise and meditation.
Midge: It originated in the Far East, in a place called Los Angeles.

Quote from Red

Kitty: I am making this space my tai chi area.
Red: So, you're going to be out here, and I'll be in there alone? I love tai chi. Eric, I got a job for you. Go grab some cement and secure that Bob statue.
Eric: Okay, if that's a job, then how much does that pay?
Red: It pays my foot not going in your ass.
Eric: So it's on credit, then. Good.

Quote from Kitty

Donna: So the key is to relax and find your inner peace.
Kitty: Seems a little exotic. [chuckles] But if this tai chi is half as good as a mai tai, I'm sure I'm gonna love it.

Quote from Bob

Bob: [sees the Buddha] Hey, look. You got a thing of me!

Quote from Kitty

Kitty: Doesn't anybody want to ask me how I'm feeling?
Red: Well, of course. Eric, ask your mother how she's feeling.
Eric: How are you feeling, Mom?
Kitty: Unneeded, unnecessary and unloved.
Eric: Oh, you set me up.
Kitty: Well, there's no one for me to take care of. Steven's off with his dad, you're busy with your silly not-working projects, and we haven't heard from Laurie since she moved to Canada.
Eric: Where bottomless dancing is legal.

Quote from Kitty

Red: Cheer up, Kitty. You'll always have me to take care of.
Kitty: Oh, the way you eat, you'll be dead long before me.
Red: You're the one that puts bacon on everything.
Kitty: I do not.
Red: Last week you put bacon on ham.
Kitty: Fine! Everything's my fault.

Quote from Red

Red: All right, fine. Look, we could talk all day, but I see one little fella that still needs your attention.
Eric: We still have Schotzie? I thought he ran away.
Red: No, he's been hiding underneath the house.
Eric: For a year?
Red: Poor little fella, he's afraid of the garden hose. [smiles]

Quote from Kelso

Jackie: All right. Steven, you know, I really think you...
Hyde: Lay off, okay? I'm dressed fine.
Donna: Really? What's the job? Are they looking for an entry-level hobo?
Hyde: Actually, I'm hoping to get to listen to the records and pick which ones the stores carry. In which case, bye-bye, Andy Gibb.
Kelso: What do you have against good-looking guys? You know, we're just like you, except for much better-looking.

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