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That '70s Show: It's All Over Now

715. It's All Over Now

Aired February 16, 2005

Donna loses her job at the radio station when she refuses to wear a skimpy outfit suggested by her new sex symbol colleague, Sarah (Eliza Dushku). Jackie wants to talk to Hyde about their relationship but doesn't know how to approach him. Meanwhile, KRed goes to the record store to get Tom Jones' autograph for Kitty after she comes down with the flu.

Quote from Red

Red: Steven, I've noticed that every day you come home from the record store tired and irritable, and I just want to say, "Welcome to life."


Quote from Red

Kitty: So, what's new in the world of rock 'n' roll? 'Cause this cool cat wants the skinny on the bebop, maestro.
Hyde: Uh, well, tomorrow we have Tom Jones coming in for a record signing at the store.
Kitty: Tom Jones! I love him! Oh, and the way he shakes his hips. [laughs] It just... It makes me feel all nervous and embarrassed. Boy, that sounds like fun.
Red: Fun for you, maybe. You're a middle-aged woman.
Kitty: What?
Red: Don't "what" me. The average lifespan is 72, so if you're older than 36, which you are, then, by definition, you're middle-aged. Discussion over.
Kitty: Okay, when you're right, you're right.
Hyde: Wow.
Red: I win an argument every six years or so.

Quote from Jackie

Donna: Mr. Randall, down at the radio station, wants me to host a live remote from Hyde's record store when Tom Jones is there. And to promote it, they want to put me on a billboard wearing this. [holds up tiny bikini]
Eric: That's just good radio.
Donna: Well, I'm not wearing it. I should be valued for my voice and music knowledge, not my body, no matter how smoking it is.
Kelso: There you go again with your "women should be valued for their minds" gobbledygook.
Jackie: Donna, women should be valued for their looks. Men should be valued for their cars, and foreigners should be valued for their ability to sweep.
Fez: Hey, hey. We also drive a mean taxi.

Quote from Kelso

Kelso: Hey, Angie, when Tom Jones gets here, you're not gonna throw your underpants at him, are you?
Angie: Michael, you know I don't wear underwear.
Hyde: Come on, man, you're my sister.
Kelso: I just told her to say that to gross you out. Burn!
Hyde: Yeah, you got me.
Kelso: Besides, I happen to know that she does wear underwear. Sometimes she lets me take them off for her. Boomerang burn!

Quote from Eric

Kitty: I feel terrible. I think it's the flu.
Eric: Okay, now is this the real flu or the Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante flu?
Kitty: Now I'm gonna miss Tom Jones this afternoon, and I wanted his autograph so badly. Red, I was thinking maybe...
Red: No.
Kitty: You know, if you were sick and Joe DiMaggio was signing footballs, I'd get an autograph for you.
Eric: Mom, Joe DiMaggio played baseball. That'd be like me saying G.I. Joe has a karate grip. What a nerd I'd be.

Quote from Red

Kitty: So, Steven, how was Tom Jones?
Hyde: Who knows? He never even...
Red: Wanted to leave. You know, Tom loves his fans. I was just telling Kitty how I had to chase down his limo to get her an autograph.
Hyde: Mrs. Forman, it was fantastic. You should have seen Red running after Tom's limo, screaming like a little girl. "Tom! Tom!"
Red: All right, all right. That's enough bragging.
Kitty: Well, and that is why I am making this meatball hero for my meaty hero of a husband.
Bob: [enters] Hiya, Red. You were smart not to stick around. I waited five hours. Tom Jones never showed up.
Kitty: Never showed up? If Tom Jones never showed up, who signed this autograph?
Red: I can't lie to you. It was Julio Iglesias.

Quote from Donna

Donna: Sarah's only been interning for a week, but the deejays have already let her talk on the air, and they gave her a really cool nickname, Sizzling Sarah.
Fez: Oh, that's terrific.
Kelso: That's onomatopoeia. That's good.
Eric: It rhymes.
Sarah: It is so fun. Everyone at the station's been super nice, especially the older men. Excuse me. I'll be right back. This girl is great.
Donna: This girl is great. [Sarah goes to the bathroom] That girl is a bitch. She's Sizzling Sarah in one week? It took me six months of sorting records to become Hot Donna. Six months.
Kelso: Uh, no, actually, you've been Hot Donna since the fifth grade when you started cultivating that melon patch.
Fez: Don't tell her about the melon patch. Now she knows our secret code.
Donna: Sizzling Sarah. I don't even know why they hired her. She's music illiterate. When I asked her if she liked The Police, she was like, "No, I prefer firemen."

Quote from Kelso

Hyde: Donna, who cares if she knows about music? The girl is freaking hot.
Kelso: Yeah, Donna, what you've yet to realize is that life is a beauty contest. I mean, you got your job because you're hot, and now a new hot girl is coming and taking your place. It's survival of the juggiest.
Donna: No, I got my job because I know music.
Kelso: Yeah, that's why your on-air nickname is "Music-knowing Donna."

Quote from Eric

Eric: Look, Donna, your problem is you've got too much going on. I mean, the less you have going on, the less you have to worry about. Look at me. I've got nothing going on and I've got nothing to worry about.
Donna: Except your future.
Eric: Eh.

Quote from Eric

Eric: [giggles]
Hyde: Would you please quit giggling?
Eric: Sorry, man. I'm listening to George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say on Radio and Television. Man, he just keeps saying them over and over again. [laughs] Potty mouth.

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