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Quote from Jackie in The Trials of Michael Kelso

Jackie: Michael, I have some bad news. I just found out I have B.H.D.
Kelso: B.H.D.?
Jackie: Yeah. Brittle Hair Disease. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and get all my hair shaved off.
Kelso: So you'll be...
Jackie: Bald, Michael. B-A-L-D, no hair, shiny head, bald. And my hair won't ever grow back either. Will you still love me when I'm bald?
Kelso: You could wear a wig.
Jackie: So, Michael, are you saying that you would not love me if I didn't have a luscious, full-bodied head of hair?
Kelso: [sees Donna laughing] Oh! No, Jackie. I would love you even more. You know, I would shave off my hair and paste it to your head.
Jackie: Michael, that's beautiful. [exits]
Donna: Nice job.
Kelso: Thanks. That was a test, right? 'Cause bald chicks are gross.

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