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Quote from Red in Hyde Moves In

Kitty: I suppose we could call social services.
Red: Yeah, see, now that's sensible.
Kitty: Yeah, they'll know what to do.
Red: Yes.
Kitty: I mean, after all, they take thousands of cases every year. So many, in fact, that they have to house them in gymnasiums. [sobs]
Red: Kitty!
Kitty: With no heat.
Red: [bleep] Damn it! I am tired of being [bleep] Santa Claus! Steven, you get your [bleep] together and you get your ass in the [bleep] damn car! We're going! [bleep] Now, [bleep], damn it! Move it!
Hyde: Okay. [runs out]
Kitty: You are just the sweetest man alive. [exits]
Red: [bleep]!

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