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Quote from Kelso in Leo Loves Kitty

Kelso: Who's the most handsome man on earth?
Electronic Voice: U-R.
Jackie: [enters] Michael, I've thought about your modeling job, and I came to a decision. I can't let you take your pants off in public.
Kelso: But I take my pants off in public all the time. You never said anything before.
Jackie: Because before you weren't doing it for your glamorous new career. You were doing it for the love of being pantsless. So, now promise me you won't do it. [Kelso whimpers] Michael?
Kelso: Fine. I "plomise."
Jackie: I heard that. You said, "I plomise." There is no "L" in promise. Michael, promise me with an "R."
Kelso: [whimpers] Fine! I promise.
Jackie: Okay, you promise to what?
Kelso: I promise I won't model my "undelwear."
Jackie: Michael!
Kelso: Oh, fine!

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