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Quote from Donna in Thanksgiving

Eric: Donna, look that kiss was great and if I could take it back, I would. Because it's not worth ruining what you and I have.
Donna: Eric, you are a dumbass.
Eric: So is that like "I forgive you, dumbass" or "Get out of my house, you dumbass"?
Donna: Mostly the first one. [they kiss] Wow. Tongue.
Eric: Oh, yeah. [Donna sits down] Okay, well, let's go to dessert.
Donna: Just one second?
Eric: Donna?
Donna: Just one minute. [inner monologue] Silk sheets. Joe Namath's butt. Strawberries. Slow dancing. Oh, the washing machine with an unbalanced load. [out loud] Well, I'm good.

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